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Three Men Make A Tiger Degree Show of the London College of Communication (2020, London)


Offprint at Tate Modern (2019, London)

LOADING… exhibition at The Art Academy (2019, London)

Elective Affinities exhibiting a collaborative project with PAN Intercultural Arts the Photography Space (2019, London)

Aroa is a Gibraltarian artist based in the UK and Gibraltar, who’s work focuses on moving image, sound and photography. She is a BA graduate in Photography at London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London. Her time at university has further developed her skills and artistic views.


Aroa’s body of work is constantly evolving. Her work has previously explored femininity and the body, but currently moves to address equality and motherhood.  She strives to utilise art and photography to enable the exploration of intangible ideas such as self, love and emotion. This interest directly fuelled her most recent project entitled “Mí madre” in which she seeks to uncover the intricacies of the love between a mother and her child. 

Despite working mainly as an artist, Aroa has also participated in community outreach programmes. The work she is perhaps most proud of is that which she has done with the Gibraltar Youth Production Team (GYPT), which aims to make photography, lighting and production accessible to young people throughout Gibraltar. In turn encouraging other young people to use art and photography to explore there own interests.

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