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Dérive - 2018


The Dérive project became a personal journey for Aroa, one that explored herself as a person and the ability to listen and learn about her mental state and health through contemplation.

In 2017, there were 5,821 recorded suicides in the UK. Awareness of mental health has grown over last decade and the importance of an individual’s wellbeing and mental state has never been greater.  Wellbeing helps an individual utilise positive behaviours to improve recovery from mental illness. Creating an awareness of wellbeing, we as a society can help one another deal with mental illness. 

As a society, the vast majority of us are constantly distracted by our phones and do not pay attention to many of the things life brings us. The little things that we as people should be grateful for. Going on walks helps the brain cope better with stress. Improving an individual’s mental comfort.

Dérive takes you on a walk, it is comprised of photos taken of places that have been encountered on a therapeutic stroll. Dérive encourages people to start their own therapeutic walks in self-awareness to be able to better their own wellbeing and mental state.

Are you your feelings or do you have feelings?

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