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Nude figures have been seen traditionally in art especially during the renaissance period. They have always been used to depict the beauty of a person.


Looking at this in today’s issues with the body not much has changed.  Everything is seen to be sexy and instead as an art form. We are constantly looking at how to perfect our bodies in order to achieve that inner love. However self love is only felt once you’ve accepted yourself as who you are.

The aim of my project is to break boundaries of woman being seen as a sex object. I would like to explore femininity, on how a woman body is to be seen as sensitive and powerful, not just as an object of pleasure.

Looking at the Three Graces by Peter Paul Ruben and how the female body is depicted natural and realistically comparing to the catalogue models seen in today’s magazines. 


Love how the female’s body is a symbol of love and strength. Empowering other woman to feel good about their bodies.

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